Caravane Desert et Montagne
… with Brahim Mohamed Elaabdouli
Friendly Fair Trade Tours

We depart from ZAGORA at 9 or 10 in the morning, stopping first at TAMGROUTE where you may look at the Koranic Library, then tour the pottery factory, seeing how the potters turn clay into a variety of objects.

Next we drive to the small dunes of TINFOU where you may climb the dunes if you wish to. From TINFOUU, you drive to the KASBAH BNI ALI; this is a very old KASBAH and you will definitely want to take photos here.While driving on to TAGOUNITE you will want to stop on route to take in the fantastic view as you leave the DRAA VALLEY behind you.

Later as you cross the TIZI BENI SELMANE you will again be stopping to take in the beauty of this dramatic Landscape. It is in this place that you will see < < Tagine Mountain >>, so named because it resmbles a Tagine. Geographically this is the gateway to the desert, from here you will see the first signs of the true desert.From this point the car will leave the asphalt and drive across piste taking you to the BIVOUAC, upon reaching the bivouac Brahim and his staff will welcome you in the tradition of Moroccan hospitality by preparing mint tea.

The late afternoon or early morning are prime times to take a camel trek around the big dunes. You may wish to ride to the desert well, where you can give your thirsty camel a well earned drink.

While in the vicinity of the well you may get to see nomads come to collect water for themselves and their live stock.In the evening you will gather around a camp fire, after a hearty meal, you will be will be entertained with folklore, you may indeed find it impossible not to join in