Caravane Desert et Montagne
… with Brahim Mohamed Elaabdouli

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07 1st, 2004

mount10Brahim Elaabdouli will take you on a tour of discovery through Berber culture and the landscapes of the Anti-Atlas mountains. Brahim, who has a degree in Moroccan history and specialises in the desert and culture of the country, will be your guide throughout your trip.

Day 1 Arival

Towards the Arrive at Marrakech, Ouarzazate or Agadir

Day 2 –Towards the Issafen Valley
Cross the Anti-Atlas towards the village of Ighrem for lunch and the Issafen valley. Spend the night in a bivouac, our own Moroccan campsite, hidden away in the mountains.

Days 3, 4, 5 — Berber Villages
Trekking through Berber villages and exploring a culture which is still relatively unknown and untouched by the modern world.

Day 6 — Meeting a Berber Family
Spend a day in a true Berber village and have lunch in the home of one of the inhabitants.

Day 7 — End of the Adventure

Return to the point of departure.The price depends on the number of people.