Caravane Desert et Montagne
… with Brahim Mohamed Elaabdouli
Friendly Fair Trade Tours

You will leave Zagora and arrive in Tamgroute in the morning. Here you can visit the Koranic Library and the pottery factory.

The next stop will be Tinfou where you can climb the small dunes. After Tinfou you will be driven to the Kasbah Bni Ali, where you may meet some of the local children. Lunch will be eaten in the town of Tagounite, and it is from here that supplies for the desert will be purchased.

From Tagounite you will go to the desert camp, known as the bivouac. Mint tea will be brewed upon arrival and you can then go exploring the surrounding area. Climbing the dunes will most probably be on the top of the list of things to do for the children as well as meeting the camels. They may even like to feed the camels some orange peels, their favourite treat!During the late afternoon you may like to go on a small guided walk around the dunes. The heat of the day will have passed and it will be a pleasant time for a desert stroll. The evening meal can be served at whatever time is best for you and your children. Just let Brahim know at least two hours in advance. The evening meal can be eaten either sitting around a low table or around a campfire. After a filling meal the children and adults alike will be entertained with folklore, and will be encouraged to join in, if they wish to.

The desert sky is full of twinkling stars and you will be able to wish on each falling star that you see. The desert sky at night is truly a beautiful sight.

Depending upon the number of days you wish to stay, an individual programme can be tailored to suit your needs, paying special attention to the needs of the children.