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New Years in the Desert

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06 20th, 2004

Come celebrate the New Year with Brahim in the desert. Brahim, who has a degree in history and is an expert in the desert and Moroccan culture, will be your guide throughout your trip. He can show you kasbahs, the culture of the nomads and the wonders of the desert.

December 29 — Arrival

Cross the high Atlas mountains towards Ouarzazate, then through the Draa Valley to Zagora. Spend the night in a hotel.

December 30 — The Culture of the Desert

Travel around the borders of the desert and nearby kasbahs.

December 31 — The Desert

Visit to the desert, with camels. A special night around the fire with local music.

January 1 — Zagora

Return to Zagora at noon. Spend the night in the hotel.

January 2 — End of the Adventure

Return to the starting point of the trip.

The price depends on the number of people. Minimum 3 people.